Bento-Litter (Bento-Streu) Clumping cat litter made of bentonite

Bento-Litter (Bento-Streu) 7kg (1 Piece)
Bento-Litter (Bento-Streu) 7kg (1 Piece)
Bento-Litter (Bento-Streu) 7kg (1 Piece)
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1 Piece, 7kg
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Clumping cat litter made of bentonite. High absorbability (450 %) and clumps effectively.


  • Fine, clumping cat litter made of bentonite
  • 450 % absorbability
  • Low-dust
  • With lavender scent
  • Gentle on cat paws
  • Can be used sparingly thanks to effective clumping
  • Effectively traps odours due to high absorbability
  • The litter does not stick to the cat’s paws thanks to a special grinding process


Bentonite is a purely natural product and therefore completely safe for your cat.



The clumps can be removed from the litter tray with a litter shovel and disposed of in the domestic waste. The litter tray simply needs to be refilled with Bento-Litter. The rest of the waste in the tray can be disposed of in compost. Please observe local regulations.


Anifit tip

Provide one litter tray for each cat where possible. Cats use their litter trays more carefully when they are not forced to share with other cats.



If the cat unexpectedly does not immediately take to using the new litter, simply combine this with some of the old litter and reduce this amount on a day by day basis.


Other accessories

With the Anifit cat litter shovel, the clumps can be effortlessly and cleanly removed and disposed of.


Product information

7kg pouch

What our clients say

Bento Streu - Ein Super Streu! Bento-Streu für ein Gefühl der anhaltende Sauberkeit Nie wieder Pippistreik! Das Super Streu Bento Streu ist super